We have worked on short films, a surfing documentary in Israel, live broadcast television, music videos, TV commercials, live concert DVDs, large multi-cam events, and won “Best Documentary” at the 168 Film Festival in LA… We’ve been busy! We’ve graduated our 4th class in June, and looking forward to our graduating class of 2015!
If you’re wanting to get your start in Film and Television production there’s no better place to start than here!  If you’re looking to launch or further your career in film, television, or design, with a strong faith based foundation, then Kings School of Media is the place for you! Utilizing an innovative approach to education that is both immerseive and project-based, our program is designed to reflect the real-world needs of the entertainment, media, and arts industry, while teaching them how to be salt and light in the work they do.

Subjects covered:

  • Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Scripting
  • Cinematography
  • History and study of Cinema
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • DVD authoring


Learn at your pace!

At Kings School of Media you’ll learn as fast as you can, you’ll have access to our studio and equipment 24/7!  Most schools limit your time and access to computers but we leave the opportunity to grow is up to you, learn at your pace, on your time!  That’s something you won’t find at most schools, we also have a subscription to tutorials on virtually any subject or production software available, so when you’re a bit foggy on a subject like editing, you can go back and review the video!


Cutting Edge Technology keeps you ahead of the rest!

At Kings School of Media we’re using the best equipment and software in the industry!  Our Line of EX3 and PMW-320 series CineAlta Sony Cameras have incredible creative controls and create beautiful images.  We also have a line of HDSLR cameras we train on like our Canon 5DmkII and Canon 7D with Redrock and Letus 35 MCS rigs!  As well we just added to our Arsenal the Newest 4K cinema camera on the block, the Sony F5 4K RAW camera system with 6 PL-Mount Cinema Prime Lenses!!!  Also you’ll be trained on the latest camera support gear, with our stedicam, CamMate Jibs and HD BMD production switchers, our equipment is on the cutting edge of the industry standards!  As well we’re using the latest production software from Adobe with After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, we also have optional tracts to learn Avid Media Composer!  At Kings School of Media we believe that Christian films should have the highest standard, so we stay up to date with the latest tech available!

Real experience from real jobs!

In today’s production world what gets you the job isn’t just a degree but what’s on your portfolio, your boss wants to SEE what you can do.  Kings School of Media operates inside of a production company, so you’re working as the crew for a high end production company here in Jerusalem providing programming for networks like GodTV, feature films and documentaries, and live concerts and events, so in the end when you leave, you’re reel is stacked with real broadcast projects!  Working on set on real production shoots with real deadlines prepares you for the leap into the real world, you’ll get to connect with professionals, and learn their techniques on set!


Professional Staff


You’ll be trained by the writers, editors, and producers of:

  • To Save a life  (feature film)
  • America’s next top Model (UPN)
  • Supernanny (ABC)
  • “Battle Cry LIVE Events”
  • “Acquire the Fire” Events
  • Skillet and Pillar Music Videos
  • Comedy Central – Israel
  • Chanel 2 Israel
  • CBN News

We didn’t give up our aspirations and goals as film-makers to come teach, we bring every bit of the dedication, creativity, and experience into the projects we do with our students.  We have weekly writing sessions from one of the top writers in Israel TV, and camera training from CBN News’ lead camera op in the Middle east, other instructors have produced music videos for Sony Records, and top end commercials in Europe.  You’ll be able to learn editing, using the actual script and raw Red-1 footage from the Feature Film “To Save a Life” edited by our own Sarah Williams!  As well we’re constantly bringing in professionals from various fields to share their insight


Semesters and School hours

Each semester lasts 5 months with a month break in-between (10mo/yr).
Semester at KSM is from:
Fall/Winter July 29 – Dec 12
Winter/Summer Jan 15 – June 15.*
*subject to change

Typical School hours:
(9:00-12:00/14:00-17:00 Monday), (15:00-19:00 Tuesday), (9:00-15:00 Wendsday), (Sunday 12:00- 19:30)
Thursday (9:00-13:00) and Friday (9:00-13:00) alternate between semesters(eg. 1st semester is on Thur and 3rd attends on Friday). Saturday are off unless except for special production days, eg. Elav and Major shoots (which are rare.)
Also we have discipleship classes from 18:00-20:00 on Wednesdays.


Our goal is to give each student a rounded experience of the business while helping them discover and develop their strengths.   The School will also be continually involved in creating content for and running different shows and events coming through the Pavilion production company getting experience in live stage and television production, on location shooting and producing, editing for international christian network TV shows and much more as the program develops.

2 Year Program Outline
The Basis of the school is a production company business model, the education of each student is interwoven with real broadcast jobs in which they operate as employees of a production company.

In the first year the majority of the time spent will be in a classroom setting, but as the basics are covered and a foundation is laid the class will be phased out to periodical teaching sessions with more focus on the students working and applying and sharpening the knowledge they’ve learned through these projects.

As the first year is complete, these students then transition into project leaders who also help train the new students as they arrive.  The training model at this point is a mentorship style system where students shadow the instructors and new students the project leaders.  Part of our vision is teaching not just the text book but the skills of problem solving that are necessary to function in this industry.  The students work their way up into larger and larger projects and as they grow we seek to discover and then hone their skills into the areas of their strength.  In the end the goal is that each student gets a broad exposure but one and at most 2 really focused skills as they leave.

Breaking into the entertainment industry isn’t as easy as just getting a degree and expecting a job, a piece of paper can hardly vouch for what you are capable of.  9 times out of 10 the guy with most experience and broadcast work will win over the guy with the degree, that’s the great part of Kings School of Media.  Unlike other film schools where you come away with one or 2 student projects, at Kings School of Media you’ll be working on many broadcast projects with real deadlines.  By the time you are finished you’ll have a diverse production reel full of broadcast material.

Just Check out some of our students work!

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