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Pricing and Requirements

We have 2 categories for students at Kings School of Media: Local and International.

Who is local?
A resident of Israel (at least 4 years) or an Israeli/Palestinian Citizen.

Who is international?
Everyone else.

Local Students

Tuition: 6,000₪ NIS per Semester

Housing:  *1,700-2,700₪ NIS/mo 

*costs vary by availability and housing units

Deadline and Deposits

Tuition can be paid upon arrival.  Housing must be arranged at least 2 months in advance with a deposit.

International Students

Tuition:   $4,500 USD per semester

Housing:   *$500-700 USD/mo 

*costs vary by availability and housing units


Depending on your country of origin, KSM can apply for a long term visa for you.
To obtain a long term visa, the Israeli Ministry of Interior requires us to show proof of payment for an academic year ($9,000 USD).   ($600 is non-refundable to cover processing and transaction fees)
Upon receiving your application, and being officially accepted into the program, we then require your deposit via Paypal, check or wire transfer. This will enable us to start your visa application.
Out of State applicants must have everything finalized 3 months prior to the beginning of the semester.  Long term visas can only be issued in your country of residence.

Local Application and Deposit Deadline:
July 15th

International Application and Deposit Deadline:
May 1st

International Late Registration Deadline:
June 1st

Typical living expenses outside of tuition you can expect:

  • Food,Clothing, personal items
  • Personal hard drive (at least 1 Terabyte free USB 3.0)
  • USB Flash Drive (8GB or Larger)
  • SDXC U3 Class 10 Memory Card (minimum 32gb)
  • It is recommended (though not required) that all students bring a laptop (Apple Preferred)


Typical student housing is a 2 to a room – dormitory style – arrangement. Students can choose to arrange their own housing within 4 km of the School. If you prefer to have KSM find your housing,  a 6 month lease will be required. This lease must be renewed two months prior to the end of the 6 month term. Housing must be paid in advance, two months at a time.
A bed, mattress, comforter and pillow are provided.


Local students may apply for scholarships to Kings School of Media as funds are available.  We also encourage all our students to financially partner with their local congregations, friends and/or family to offset the cost of tuition and housing.

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